Autism & Neurodiversity

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Jason & Debbie Grygla

23 March 2024

11m 28s

The Shift from Parent to Mentor: A Critical Transformation with Jason & Debbie



Are you tired of trying to make traditional parenting approaches work for you? Ready to make a profound shift that fosters genuine connections and sustainable growth for your child, teen, or young adult? 

In this episode, we  explore the transformative power of NDM™ NeuroDevelopmental Mentoring and how adopting a mentor mindset can revolutionize your parenting journey. Discover the key to alleviating pressure, fostering autonomy, and nurturing meaningful connections that lead to long-term positive outcomes.

What You’ll Learn:

  • Why it’s critical to shift to a mentoring mindset.

  • How adopting a mentoring mindset can alleviate pressure, judgments, and prioritize genuine connection with your neurodivergent child, teen, or young adult.

  • The proactive and influential dynamic of the mentor-mentee relationship, emphasizing autonomy and sustainable development.

  • Practical strategies for investing in the mentoring process, including building strong connections and providing unconditional positive regard.

  • The transformative journey from power-driven relationships to collaborative partnerships, and the significance of fostering stability and trust in our relationship dynamics.


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