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Podcast by Jason & Debbie Grygla

Autism & Neurodiversity

This weekly podcast is your go-to resource for real answers to parenting, working with or being neurodivergent. With the right information you will better understand neurodivergent brains, develop the skills to parent and mentor more confidently, and get better outcomes addressing neurodivergent challenges. Join Jason Grygla, Licensed Mental Health Counselor and Director of TechieForLife, a specialized mentoring program for neurodivergent young adults and his wife, Debbie Grygla, Certified Life Coach, every Friday for relevant insights, discussions with leading experts, and supportive tools.

Latest episodes

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25 May 2024

Narcissism & Autism with Jason

Autism is often confused with narcissism. Autistic traits are often misinterpreted as narcissistic. In this episode Jason delves into the complex relationship between autism and narcissism, highlighting the unique ways in which self-centeredness manifests in individuals on the autism spectrum.

By exploring the neurological differences that contribute to these behaviors, Jason sheds light on the challenges faced by both neurodivergent individuals and their loved ones. He emphasizes the importance of understanding these differences without judgment or expectations of traditional social norms.

You'll learn:

  • Why autistics are often called narcissistic.
  • Why misjudging them causes problems.
  • The nuances in understanding the neurological differences.
  • How to cope with narcissistic presenting traits.
  • How to support your autistic young person's development.

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03 May 2024

Time Blindness and It's Complexities with Jason

The disabling effects of time blindness in neurodivergent individuals are often underestimated, overshadowed by more apparent symptoms. This common but often misunderstood trait in neurodivergent individuals, can have profound consequences on their daily lives and future prospects. Unlike mere forgetfulness or distraction, time blindness presents a unique challenge that affects how individuals with autism and ADHD navigate the world. By recognizing and addressing these cognitive hurdles, caregivers, educators, and therapists can offer tailored support and interventions to help neurodivergent individuals thrive.

You’ll learn:

  • Why time blindness is so much more than losing track of time.

  • What physiologically is creating cognitive hurdles.

  • The disabling impacts on functioning.

  • How caregivers, educators, and therapists can offer tailored support and interventions.

  • What gets in the way of good support.

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27 April 2024

Developmental Focus: Why It's Important with Debbie

Have you ever felt frustrated because you couldn't get your autistic or neurodivergent child, teen, or young adult to do something desirable or stop doing something undesirable?

You've tried so many things and it's not working.

Many parents and people working with young people get stuck in negative behavioral focused patterns.

On today's episode of the Autism & Neurodiversity with Jason & Debbie podcast, I'm talking about why this may be happening and how to shift into a developmental focus... because it can make all the difference.

You'll learn:

  • The negative impacts of using behavioral quick fixes and manipulations to change behavior. 
  • Why focusing on changing behaviors not only hurts our young people, but us, too.
  • The concept of maximizing strengths and minimizing weaknesses.
  • Why it's challenging to not slip back into behavioral tactics.
  • How a developmental focus can transform how you approach your loved one.

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23 March 2024

The Shift from Parent to Mentor: A Critical Transformation with Jason & Debbie

Are you tired of trying to make traditional parenting approaches work for you? Ready to make a profound shift that fosters genuine connections and sustainable growth for your child, teen, or young adult? 

In this episode, we  explore the transformative power of NDM™ NeuroDevelopmental Mentoring and how adopting a mentor mindset can revolutionize your parenting journey. Discover the key to alleviating pressure, fostering autonomy, and nurturing meaningful connections that lead to long-term positive outcomes.

What You’ll Learn:

  • Why it’s critical to shift to a mentoring mindset.

  • How adopting a mentoring mindset can alleviate pressure, judgments, and prioritize genuine connection with your neurodivergent child, teen, or young adult.

  • The proactive and influential dynamic of the mentor-mentee relationship, emphasizing autonomy and sustainable development.

  • Practical strategies for investing in the mentoring process, including building strong connections and providing unconditional positive regard.

  • The transformative journey from power-driven relationships to collaborative partnerships, and the significance of fostering stability and trust in our relationship dynamics.


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09 March 2024

Big Announcement! Parenting to Mentor with Jason & Debbie

Friends, Hello! We've got something exciting to share with you in this episode!

You know, parenting can be a rollercoaster, especially when it comes to raising neurodivergent young people. But, guess what? It doesn't have to be a struggle without hope. In today's episode, we're peeling back the curtain on our personal transformation moments and the lessons that have led us to our big announcement this month.

Let's dive straight in! We're thrilled to introduce the Parenting to Mentor mini-course – a game-changer designed for parents, grandparents, teachers, coaches, and all you amazing helping professionals out there. This FREE 4-week mentoring course is kicking off LIVE online on March 27th, 2024, and it's tailor-made to transform your relationships with neurodivergent loved ones. FREE for a limited time! 

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🌟 This is for you if...

  • You're on the hunt for more effective answers, insights, and solutions to help your young person truly thrive.
  • You want to make sure your energy and resources are invested where they truly matter.

🎯 This is for...

  • Parents or grandparents navigating the unique challenges of raising neurodivergent chilren, teens, or young adults.
  • Teachers, coaches, helping professionals, or mentors looking to tailor their approach for diverse needs.

🔄 Let's Make the Shift From...

  • Reacting to Nurturing Connection
  • Quick-fixes to Sustainable Development
  • Confusion to Practical Framework
  • Rigid to Organic Strategies
  • Stuck to Confidently Knowing

Are you ready to move from reacting to undesirable behaviors to nurturing genuine connections? Introducing Parenting to Mentor: A 4-Week Mini-Course, crafted by us, Jason Grygla, LCMHC, MA, Founder and Director at TechieForLife, and Debbie Grygla, Certified Parent/Life Coach. This course is the key to unlocking your loved one's unique potential through the magic of the mentoring relationship.

What's in store for you? 🔍 Comprehensive Strategy for All Young People: Prioritize sustainable development – crucial for neurodivergents facing challenges like autism, ADHD, learning differences, and social anxiety.

🔄 Easy-to-Remember Framework: Adaptable to any developmental stage, neurotype, or situation, helping you meet your young person where they're at with ease.

🤝 Builds Connections and Confidence: Enhance your ability to connect, navigate challenges, and inspire confidence for a lasting impact.

🌟 Embrace Your Strengths and Uplevel Your Parenting Experience: Unlock your unique strengths to skillfully mentor your loved one with a flexible, effective approach for real-life parenting.

💡What You'll Discover in This Free Program:

  • Dive into purposeful foundations and apply NDM tools for positive connection.
  • Week One: Begin Your NDM Journey - Explore why other approaches may have missed the mark.
  • Week Two: Explore the Three Pillars of NDM - Dive into purposeful foundations and enhance your understanding and influence.
  • Week Three: Start Mentoring Using NDM Tools - Create positive connections and collaboration using foundational NDM tools.
  • Week Four: In Crisis Quickly Assess and Problem Solve - Learn how to reorient in crises and avoid burnout while confidently mentoring your loved one.
  • Bonus 5th Session: Avoid the three most common mistakes in practicing NDM. Finish by making a plan to grow and hone your skills. Discover what's effective for you and what's effective for them.

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01 March 2024

The Power in Choosing a Parenting Framework with Debbie

Parenting neurodivergents and those who have struggles can be overwhelming, especially when faced with conflicting advice.

In this episode, we dive into the transformative power of choosing a framework to operate from.

Learn how selecting a clear direction can help you move beyond confusion and towards effective solutions.

Discover the key to targeted goal-setting, adjustments, and consistent progress in your parenting journey.


  • The importance of choosing a framework to help you stay on track.


    The hidden benefits of using a defined structure.


    Why it’s important to commit to a specific approach.


    Strategies for nurturing your child's development and addressing their unique needs.


    The long-term rewards of investing effort in practicing within a framework.

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