Autism & Neurodiversity

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Jason & Debbie Grygla

17 February 2024

21m 25s

Move Beyond Quick Fixes to Sustainable Development with Debbie



Parenting neurodivergent children can be challenging, and relying on quick fixes may seem like an easy solution. However, these quick fixes can lead to long-term damage and hinder sustainable development.

On today's episode of the Autism & Neurodiversity podcast, I'm discussing the pitfalls of using quick fixes and highlighting the importance of embracing development.


  • The damage quick fix approaches can create, even the ones that seem to "be working."
  • Why relying on external pressure to motivate our children, teens, and young adults hinders motivation over time.
  • How to foster an environment that is conducive to long-term development.
  • What trips us up from being successful with developmental approaches.
  • How to create positive change and improve your relationship with your loved ones.

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