Autism & Neurodiversity

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Jason & Debbie Grygla

28 June 2024

18m 31s

Mastering Crisis Response with Jason



Parenting comes with challenges. If you're parenting neurodivergents like children, teens, and young adults who are autistic, ADHDers, or have learning differences, those challenges can quickly turn into regular crises.

In this episode, Jason discusses the personal and developmental aspects of responding to crises, contrasting it with professional crisis responders like EMTs and firefighters who manage to remain calm under pressure.

Crisis response is a skill built with experience, maturity, and perspective.

When you learn to regulate your emotional reactions and focusing on what you can control, you can maintain peace even in tumultuous situations.

Jason shares the three things that help us mitigate the impact of crises, so we can be more effective and composed in our responses.

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